Strategic Consulting

Firmly based in Financial Services, Cenotech Solutions has in-depth knowledge and hands on experience with the architectures, operating environments, applications and services that make up the DNA of an asset manager.  We are uniquely positioned to work with you on your transformation projects, from planning to implementation and support.

  • Trusted Leadership
  • Industry Expertise
  • Industry Relationships

Integration Solutions

Since 1999 the consultants of Cenotech Solutions (formerly Mosiki Development) have been in the middle of custom builds, third party application integrations and outsourcing integration efforts.  Leverage these insights and skills as you embark in your transformation efforts.

  • Custom software development
  • Third party application installation and integration
  • Integration with 3rd party providers of front, middle and back office solutions

Business Process Management

Your middle and back office will be rewarded by prioritizing flexibility, speed, quality, efficiency, effectiveness and innovation.  We help asset management companies achieve these characteristics.  We show how to apply the Business Process Management (BPM) discipline to achieve process improvements that lead to organizational performance improvements in the middle and back office.

  • Process Discovery and Modeling
  • Process Benchmarking
  • Process Improvement

Business Process Automation

Automation of your business processes can be implemented via several different types of technologies.  We can help guide you as to what is appropriate and achievable now and provide a roadmap for continuous improvement in the future.  From case management through machine learning, understand what is appropriate for you future state vision.

  • Business Process Automation platforms
  • Robotic Process Automation

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