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Cenotech is a consulting firm passionate about transforming business processes that drive the world’s leading financial services organizations.
From strategy to implementation of the leading technologies that will transform the workplace of the future, Cenotech is here to help you.

Creating Value for Financial Firms

Cenotech Solutions is a technology consulting services firm.  We specialize in providing business and technical knowledge for the financial services industry.  Our expertise lies in a deep understanding data and business processes that drive financial services.  Cenotech has proficiency in how data is sourced and stored, where it is used, how it is integrated across various applications and how business and operations use the data within the operating environment.


We provide the expertise to address today’s most challenging issues.  Our consultants have the necessary business understanding and technology tool kits to reach across applications, address integration challenges, and improve workflow and communications of complex business processes.


Practice Areas

Cenotech enables intelligent automation by leveraging methodology and technology to reach more optimal future states.

Strategic Consulting

Building towards a future operating state

Integration Solutions

Custom development, third party solutions, implementation, outsourcing

Business Process Management

Process, discovery, analysis and implementation roadmaps

Intelligent Automation

Business process automation, intelligent automation, AI

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